Secret Girls Business Vision and Mission

Secret Girls Business Mission
To host  unforgettable events for women in business and provide an optimum platform for them to showcase their products and services direct to their target market.

Secret Girls Business Purpose
Secret Girls Business Expo is designed to bring a sense of purpose, significance and place in the lives of women no matter what path in life they are travelling on.

Secret Girls Business Vision
The Vision and heartbeat of Secret Girls Business is three fold.

Firstly, it is to encourage businesses, corporations and individuals from within the public and private sectors to participate in the  Secret Girls Business Expo therefore creating the opportunity to create new business leads and contacts at the event.

Secondly, the event is created to bring together both successful inspirational and motivational speakers and business leaders  share their experience and expertise with the audience.

Thirdly, Secret Girls Business Expo will serve as a vehicle to empower women so that they can find fulfillment, success and fullness of life, despite their cultural, economic and intellectual diversities.

The events are all about making dreams come true and for women to see themselves as they have never before. To see beyond the impossible to what can be possible, no matter what the circumstances.




The Secret Girls Business approach is to connect with the community and to open up avenues for businesses, corporations and organizations to contribute their goods and services towards the Secret Girls Business Expo.

Right from its inception the foundational values of Secret Girls Business Expo are based on the generosity of heart and spirit of those that are willing to make a significant impact in the lives of others.

Our past events have proven that by simply asking….people’s hearts are open and generosity overtakes.

Secret Girls Business is committed to meeting the needs of the total woman by renewing the mind, body, and spirit in order to bring about change and to build a foundation of community spirit and trust.

The Philosophy of Secret Girls Business

The Secret Girls Business Expo’s Philosophy is that we believe that every woman has the potential within to be empowered. This event lines itself up with imparting qualities into women from all walks of life to be the very best they can be.


The Secret Girls Business Fundraising

Secret Girls Business Fundraising is the next step in connecting donor partners with community needs. We want to convene community leaders and facilitate change to improve the quality of life

Secret Girls Business through its vast network of businesses will play an essential part in creating a legacy for the community – and the key will be through the generosity of heart and spirit.


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