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Secret Girls Business was born from the deepest part of my heart and celebrates the magnificence, spirit and success of womanhood.

I began a journey that would lead me to meet some of the most outstanding women in our community, pillars of our society, women from all backgrounds and ethnicity. Through this journey the one thing I discovered was that all women are the same not necessarily on the outside but on the inside.  I learned that each woman possesses inner courage, tenacity, character, discipline, willingness to learn from others, wisdom, encouragement and grace that enable her to stand out and be significant.

Her attitude to life is how she reflects the key that makes her truly a woman of significance to those that she encounters along this marvellous and miraculous journey called life.

Secret Girls Business was created to be a platform where women can come and celebrate being themselves. Women need to find virtues deep within them that enable them to rise above the negatives that they may encounter and find grace, courage, faith, passion and inner beauty to shield their inner world and heart.

So, Let the Journey Begin……………….

I believe there is a journey within that we all must embark upon. It’s a journey that some people may never ever take, or even be aware of its existence. For others, it’s a journey that they feel is too personal to talk about. It is the journey of discovering who you really are.

This journey confronts you with the question, ‘Who Am I?’ and demands that you move beyond answering it with any title, label or role that you currently fulfil in life. If your answer to this question would be couched in the terms of a clinical job description, or an explanation of what you currently do in life, then this is a tell tale sign that maybe for you the journey has not yet begun.

This journey makes you really think about what makes you unique; it makes you think about what sets you apart from everyone else. It will cause you to examine what makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you different. It may call for you to make some changes to things like your career, friendships, and relationships and in general could re-route your life.

We only have one life to live, and I am more aware than ever that this is our one chance to make our own unique mark. I for one want to make sure that the journey I take is the most fulfilling and liberating life possible.

Josie Kearsey ~ Secret Girls Business ~ Creator and Founder

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